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Be Free with Three

See how investing can take you to the next level in securing your retirement.

You'll be guided through the new rules on depreciation and stamp duty and what they mean for you as an independent wealth creator. Discover why higher interest rates are no cause for concern and learn the key to safe investing through Australian property portfolios.

Christine is well placed to help steer you wealth building strategies through this changing landscape because she has ‘been there – done that’. Come and meet Christine in person. During this special event, Christine will explain her highly effective property investing strategies and answer many of your questions, including:


Is an annual income of $85k enough to invest in an investment property and how do some of Christine's clients afford it?


How do you build an investment strategy that suits your timeframe, budget, lifestyle and goals?


How will Christine and the team support you through the investment process, from individual wealth creation plans to purchasing quality housing stock? 


Where are the best places to invest in property across Australia at the moment for capital growth and/or cash flow?


What's the best type of property to buy for an investment....residential or commercial and why?


How does your age affect your investment strategy and what different plans does Christine suggest for different age groups?


What happens if you lose your job or lose a tenant?


How can you receive tax back in advance via a tax variation?


What different vehicles can be used to buy an investment property? eg: private, self-managed super fund, company, trust

Meet Christine Williams

Smarter Property Investing principal, portfolio strategist and author Christine Williams helps Australian wealth creators to build prosperity through residential real estate.

A highly successful Property Portfolio Specialist, Christine hold in-demand seminars throughout Melbourne and appears regularly on the Bendigo Bank list of inhouse speakers.

As one of a handful to hold Property Investment Association (PIAA) accreditation, Christine joins the industry elite. She is a licensed real estate agent (Victoria, NSW and QLD) with accounting and mortgage broking qualifications.

Bookings essential as seats are limited